In a card payment solution where Digital card data is stored either in cloud or any other secure environment for Digital Issuance , to protect the cardholder, service providers and the merchants from potential frauds and to minimize unauthorized use of the actual cardholder PAN data or need for storing of card PAN data, tokenization is now a viable option. Payment tokens are now a substitute to the Primary Account Number (PAN) that is used in the card payment environment during data exchange. In the payment ecosystem, the entities that would use tokens are as of follows:

  • Customer

  • Wallet Server

  • HCE in Cloud

  • TSM

  • Issuers & Acquirer

  • 3rd party payment companies

During all interactions between various components within the system, with external systems and transaction flows, tokens can be used. This is for Issuance, Authorization, Capture, Clearing and Settlement. The Wallets that are operated by Card Issuers, Acquirers, Payment Networks, or third parties and the Digital wallet service provider will be the Token Requestors. Payment Tokens can be used as Cardholder Verification Methods (CVMs), including signature, online and offline PIN and where there is no CVM. When a Cardholder initiates payment to an e-commerce site using a mobile Digital wallet to transfer payment and other order information the token can replace the PAN. For Payment Tokens to provide improved protection against misuse, the Payment Token is limited to use in a specific domain, such as to a specific Merchant or channel. These underlying usage controls are a key benefit of Payment Tokens. Additionally, at the time a Payment Token is issued, steps may be taken to ensure that the Payment Token is replacing a PAN that was legitimately being used by the Token Requestor. The Token Manager will trace all the relationship between the entities for handshake and the trace and track the information in the system.

Girmiti Software has implemented tokenization covering the following features:

  • Follow the EMV specifications on tokenization system

  • Supports single use token and Multi Use tokens

  • Token number and format same as PAN number

  • Interface with issuer systems for supporting HCE implementations

  • Interface with Acquirer system to support Card on file merchants

  • Multiple token requestors like Card on file merchants, Digital wallet providers, Acquirer systems

  • Capable of performing different ID&V methods like Address Verification, CVC2 checking etc.

  • Active token life cycle management

  • Generate token with different token assurance levels based on the ID&V performed

  • Various MIS reports

  • System support for multiple card issuers, tokens can be issued to cards from different issuing banks

  • Create tokens for different payment scheme’s cards

  • Support both open loop and closed loop solutions

Girmiti Software can also help in interfacing payment systems with any tokenization servers and for certification.

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Tokenization System certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments. Our Team helps and works closely with our customers to understand the existing scope, current business scenarios, flows of the existing systems, to provide the consulting solutions to Build, Architect, Enhance Features, Design, Develop, Test, Automate, Deploy, UAT.

Team also brings the expertise in interface with PNO tokenization system.

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