Girmiti Software is a global leader in innovative technologies and provides software business solutions & services. We help our customers bring future of work to reality in today’s business environment that is being transformed by acceleration, connectivity, globalization, virtualization, learning and growing towards innovation using next-generation technologies to implement an ecosystem for our partners to meet consumer expectations.


We help transform core technology processes, making them more flexible, scalable, reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

We focus on niche domains technology software services and our unique onshore/offshore global delivery model is dedicated towards customer satisfaction.

With a focused customer engagement delivery and services model, we assure you a superior ownership experience from both offshore & onshore with attention to Customer Relationship, Account and Delivery Management by a team with experience in your industry who will work closely with you. We assign dedicated professional consultants to work on your project from start to finish, setting up closed-loop security environments; by becoming an extension of your engineering staff and work very closely with your customers to execute, deliver and implement defined assignments in real-time. Provide the flexibility to our customers to set up environments by imparting all the facilities to match their process for each assignment.

Organized by niche vertical industry as well as the service line, we carry deep domain knowledge and expertise of how your business works and deliver solutions with the precision you require.

We have standardized processes followed consistently and measured at regular intervals that allow you to count on us for reliable, sustainable, scalable and consistent delivery from any location.

We share our immense knowledge, provide consultancy, next-generation solutions and efficiently manage enterprise projects across, our global delivery model, which allows us to provide you with resources, comprehensive domain, and technology skills that are most cost-effective, end-to-end, advanced business solutions and services.

Allow us to use our technology software services, innovative concepts, views, solutions, business-process integrations and strategic consulting to help you transform your business, with minimal risk and disruption. Give your organization greater flexibility, security, higher efficiency, and lower costs, and position your business to thrive now and in the future as well.

At Girmiti Software, we help clients to enable their business process and functions for Mobile and Internet channels in achieving higher efficiency, process, compliance, quality and productivity to meet the end customers needs for day to day utilization. Our key abilities are to consult, analyze, conceptualize, architect, implement innovative business software solutions using cutting edge technologies, build & deploy and automate the production environments.

Girmiti Software focusses on software solutions and services for Retail Banking, Payments, Acquiring, Digital Issuance, Prepaid, Remittance, Gift/Loyalty, Mobile wallet, TMS and Device Manufacturers (OEM’s), Retailers, Restaurants, Transit, Petro, Sports Events, Healthcare, and Telecom segments.

We provide cutting edge technology solutions covering Cloud Technologies, HCE, SE-TSM, Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, m-Commerce, NFC, BLE, QR, EMV, POS, Data Intelligence to enable Web and Third-Party product implementations & integration across regions for Closed and Open Loop as well as to help certify with processors and associations.

We bring relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have their Platforms comply with Nexo specifications and standards concerning their business segments.

Professional services offered by us:

  • Domain and Technology

  • Onshore and Offshore delivery

  • Consulting – Technology & Solutions

We help our customers in the areas of Technology and Deliveries :

  • Business Analysis, Scoping

  • Core Product Framework & Engineering

  • Product Development, Customization

  • Product Implementation, Automation

  • Integration & Migration

  • Build & Release Management

  • Product Sustenance, Maintenance & Support

  • Product Testing & UAT

  • Business Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence

  • Help in Certifications

  • Documentations

Our In-depth process experience and expertise in assignments to execute in Operations are:

  • Security Testing using the Tools

  • Automation of platforms for QA

  • Automating build and deployment environment

  • Automating the Production environment

  • Static Code Optimizations using tools

  • Open-source library and License removals

  • Security Implementation

  • PCI compliance

  • Managing the Production environment

  • Expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.

  • L2 & L3 Operations

We are committed to enable and support our client’s businesses to become highly competitive and get an edge in the marketplace. Partnering with Girmiti Software will help and ensure that clients will take advantage of today’s market opportunities while creating the foundation for remarkable achievements in the future, to meet the new trends in the market and next-generation solutions and to serve the end customer needs.

Our Business Philosophy

Our "Customer First" business philosophy is driven by our vision and best practices. We aim to be flexible, scalable, trusted, safe, confidential, efficient and focused on always doing what’s right for our customers.

Our professionals take pride in a "can-do" attitude while displaying flexibility beyond the contractual terms of our partnership. Whether the need is for additional or more skilled resources or solutions, we always ensure what we deliver exceeds customer expectations and continuously strive towards improvements and better quality services.

Our management team’s knowledge, unique innovative skills, domain and technical experience, quality deliveries, global insights, and best agile practice provide precise solutions and value addition to our customer’s business to meet the expectations of their partners and end-users.

Our Delivery Model

Responsiveness, Accountability, Ownership, Flexibility, Scalability, Quality Assurance & Improvements, Performance, Efficiency, and Excellence are the core principles of our quality delivery service model. When customers face business challenges and hurdles, we take the ownership in solving and addressing their business & technology needs. We work towards delivering solutions ahead of time, exceed customer expectation and meet service level agreement with a higher quality of modular solutions and services.

We work towards improving our client’s business performance to the desired level by implementing appropriate processes, methodology and technology, giving measurable Return on Investment.

Girmiti has experienced Scrum Masters who ensure the effectiveness of team deliveries by practicing the Scrum values across the organization and with our Clients along with our customer partners and their teams to allocate across globally for each customer.

Our Scrum Masters coach and guide the teams across organization in self-management; we focus on high value implementation for the deliveries; work towards removing the impediments to ensure team progress and productivity.

Besides this, our Scrum Masters serve the product owners to define, meet their goals and managing backlog items and helping organization overall in overcoming any barriers.

Girmiti also has experienced and certified Managers who maintain high level of commitment with focus on the overall business, project goals of our clients and the organization; define appropriate and feasible project plans, do effectively track and execute the projects successfully by forming the right team members.

Our PMP certified Project Managers lead the team, address challenges, risks in a timely manner to ensure that deliveries are met with quality and within budget through close co-ordination with our Client teams and their partners.

Girmiti Software has been appraised at level 5 of the CMMi.

Our Global Standard Outsourcing Model

Outsourcing has come a long way from its origins as a tactical cost arbitrage and inexpensive talent. Today, it is a strategic imperative of organizations worldwide to remain competitive in the dynamic global economy. To serve this growing demand, we are continuously adding to our customer base and expanding global delivery capacity in our global knowledge center in India and we are adding more partners in the USA, Canada, Europe, EMEA & APAC regions.

Enterprises are constantly on the lookout for best practices and frameworks for delivering sustained business value and ensuring operational superiority and quality deliveries.

Increasingly, business and IT leaders are leveraging strategic sourcing solutions to reduce costs and access new technologies and best practices. The retained organization lies at the heart of moving from an in-sourced or staff-augmentation model to a Managed Services sourcing model.

We offer software Outsourcing Solutions and Services that are geared towards revolutionizing the customers, their applications outsourcing portfolio while enabling them to garner higher and enhanced business value. Our approach is tuned towards ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, thereby making our customer's business a lot more competitive. We are at the cutting edge of key technologies such as cloud, application modernization, and agility, and are reshaping our customer environments to leverage these next-generation technologies, across their businesses.

Our customers are getting benefitted from offshore delivery, where our team delivers for our customer partners, helps in deployments, certifications with banks or PNO’s, compliance and interact with all entities and available round the clock to meet the needs and complete in time for the verticals like Banking, Processors, PG, OEM’s, Retail, Petro, Sports & Events, Health, Transit, and Telecoms.

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