Depending on your background, you can choose your career track from the following:

  • Domain

  • Technical

  • Product

  • Project management

  • Operations

  • Support

  • Client engagement & relationship

  • Business Development

  • Management consulting, including business analysis, research and competency building

  • Corporate functions

In each track, Offshore and Onshore Practice Heads collaborate to set Business Unit strategy, reporting directly to the Management committee and our Executive Leadership. Along specific tracks, our lean, streamlined organization means there are only three to four reporting levels before any issue reaches top management’s attention.

Career development receives primary emphasis here. Our goal is for individuals to reach their full potential and for the company and our clients to gain the benefits of enthusiastic, process-oriented, self-motivated, energetic and dedicated employees.

  • Employees are encouraged to succeed, not in a single project, but in a variety of challenging roles over time.

  • Periodic job rotation is built into our employment guidelines.

  • Placement offices in all locations have access to the entire talent pool to encourage applications from various geographies so there’s plenty of mobility.

  • Fast-track growth opportunities are offered to high performers.

  • Opportunities to shift “tracks” are also encouraged to avoid "pigeon holing".

  • Ongoing training programs on technology, domain, enterprise, and leadership development courses are offered to fine-tune your skills.

Programs help to channel individual aspirations by identifying job requirements and providing customized learning to reach a stated goal.

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