Girmiti Software signs up with partners and customers for a region.

Where we build core platform, do customizations as per the partner and their end customers requirement, work with them for UAT, do the required certifications.

We provide services for deploying into pre-production and production environment for the customers and offer post production maintenance and support services based on customer define SLA.

Where required by the partner, we work and provide services to the partner’s end customers for them to start using and operating the systems.

For future customizations and enhancement, we can continue to provide implementation, support, and maintenance services based on signed agreements.

While we take care of acquiring partners and even end customers, providing software development services and IT managed services, our partners can take care of managing day to day operations and customer services.

We are also flexible if the partner customer wants to do the enhancement and customization on their own. This is based on mutual understanding and agreement between the parties.

We work with new customers to sign up with any our existing partners or operate on their own. We are open to our customers running the development, customization on their own or we can provide the required services.

For selected customers across regions we are working as partners who are in the business of Digital Issuance, Acquiring, Prepaid, HCE, Tokenization, Mobile Payments, NFC, Transit and POS and provided implementation, maintenance services for all their end customers.

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