Girmiti Software provides a rigorous testing environment for functionalities of each module from Requirement Analysis, development to deployment stage and beyond.

Our Software testing service portfolio includes:

Core Services
  • Regression Testing

  • Functional & Non Functional Testing

  • System Integration Testing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Security Testing

  • Performance and Load Testing

  • Automation Testing

  • Risk Based Testing (Technique & Approach)

Consulting Services
  • Test process consulting

  • CoQ Assessments

  • TMMI based Assessments

  • Strategy Consulting

  • Agile Assessment Solutions

  • Enterprise Test Center, Test Factory Setup

Performance Engineering Services
  • Performance Testing

  • Application Benchmarking

  • Client Side Performance Testing

  • Pre-production Performance Certification

  • Resilience Testing

Consulting Services
  • Profiling & Diagnosis

  • Performance Testing Packaged Application

  • Tuning & Optimization

Specialized Services
  • Security Testing

  • Data Migration Testing

  • SOA Testing

  • OAT

Core Services

Regression Testing

Regression testing at Girmiti Software involves testing a sub set of conditions in the form of test cases that will give confidence that any enhancements, fixes, configuration changes, upgrades etc. have not affected the functioning of those part of the system that have not changed. We conduct optimized regression testing through risk assessment, impact assessment and prioritization. Our regression testing compliments explicit testing designed to verify the changed parts of the system.

Functional & Non Functional Testing

Girmiti Software’s objective of System Functional testing is to ensure that the system satisfies the functional requirements of the detailed system specifications. We conduct System Functional testing with a perspective of testing the integrated system against the functional requirements and specifications. To ensure, the system satisfies the non-functional attributes of the detailed system specifications and required as part of operational and other service requirements, our Non Functional Testing perspective is to test the integrated system against the non-functional system attributes, system specifications, operation and other service requirements.

System Integration Testing

Girmiti Software ensures through System Integration Testing that the system integrates and interfaces/communicates with all other systems, the target platforms and other infrastructures, satisfying the requirements and specifications.

User Acceptance Testing

We conduct and/or support User Acceptance testing to ensure that the business customers of the system are satisfied, the system is fit for the purpose and provides confidence that the system will support the business at all times. It includes testing the system against the business requirements and objectives, following actual business processes or scenarios.

Security Testing

Team has expertise on tools to test web applications, mobile applications, POS applications for security using industry standard tools. Team follows at each level for SDLC to make sure the solutions are meeting the standards security compliances.

Performance and Load Testing

We work with customer to understand their needs for the performance of the system and build the required performance environment, scripts to evaluate the behavior. Team also analyses the performance reports and identify the areas of improvements in the application to meet the expected performance. It is critical to use the hardware resources in an optimized manner to reduce the cost of the deployment.

Automation Testing

Our team has expertise on various automation testing tools for different platforms, mobile applications and POS devices which will help to continuous integration and deployment of features and quick turn arounds to marker.

Team brings the expertise in different tools such as:

  • Web – Selenium, Test Complete, QTP

  • Mobile – Appium (iOS and Android)

  • APIs – Rest Assured, Postman

  • Java – Functional and Integration automation testing.

Risk Based Testing (Technique / Approach)

Girmiti Software understands that Testing can be time consuming and costly and cannot be economically executed to provide exhaustive coverage of any system/software. The focus and attention of testing has to be placed on aspects of software that matter most. We achieve this by applying the principle of Risk Based Prioritization of tests. Our approach to testing is Risk Based to ensure that appropriate testing activities are identified and prioritized based on risk. We reduce the risk of failure to the business and increase customer satisfaction through this approach.

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