The Soft POS technology has brought about a significant transformation in the field of payment solutions. Girmiti Software, being a leading player in this domain, possesses the necessary expertise to design, evaluate, and implement customized solutions for its valued clients and customers. We have been certified with MPOC SPOS solution for our customers and partners using our very own product.

Soft POS utilizes software apps to effectively convert smartphones and tablets into comprehensive payment terminals. The introduction of this paradigm change renders dedicated hardware unnecessary, bringing in a new era characterized by enhanced convenience and flexibility, effectively facilitated by the experience of Girmiti software.

The basic principle of Soft POS remains unchanged as we can easily incorporate this innovation into its range of products, solutions and services where we ensure the secure handling of payment acceptance, transaction administration, and real-time access to vital inventory and sales data on mobile devices through the implementation of strategic development, rigorous testing, and efficient deployment. We have been certified with Kernels for all major payment schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, CUP, Mada and so on.

We have developed Soft POS systems that cater to the current consumer preferences by offering a wide range of payment methods, including contactless payments and mobile wallets. The capacity to adapt enables merchants to remain responsive to changing trends, thereby improving customer relationships and promoting repeat business through the utilization of integrated customer relationship management systems.

The Soft POS solution developed by us demonstrates the company's expertise in adapting to the changing digital landscape. It provides a flexible and innovative payment solution that not only addresses current requirements but also predicts future expectations in the expanding payment ecosystem.

We have the expertise to develop the Soft POS payment application with all payment features such as Sale, Refund, Void, Reversal, Settlement, Pre-Authorization, Balance Inquiry, Cashback and so on for various verticals

  • COTS mobiles cut hardware costs by converting Android devices into NFC-enabled payment terminals.
  • Soft POS supports EMV cards for seamless payment acceptance.
  • Integration with third party White-box cryptography for secure data transmission between Soft POS and backend.
  • Backend acts as centralized control hub for Soft POS ecosystem.
  • Integrity checks safeguard payment terminals on mobile devices.
  • Real-time processing eliminates manual steps and reconciliation.
  • Payment app and SDK enable Contactless transaction acceptance.
  • Quick, secure processing for payments under CVM limit with cards/wallets.

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