We leverage the AWS Cloud Computing and define the process to plan, test, compare and control the deliverables.

The AWS Reference Architecture followed that are provided by AWS Services for the all level of the application infrastructure design and Prepare the Low level design and High Level Design adhering to CIS and AWS Security Guidelines

We provide basis of recommendations and Justifications documents and Prepare plan for the clients across Globe

Documentation is part of AWS Services Support right from the Plan, HLD, LLD, Hardening, Configuration, RunBook Preparation across all the environments.

Uses of the best practices’ tools in AWS Web Services:

  • Virtual Private Cloud – Initial setup to isolate the environment

  • EC2 – Instance for Application Servers setup or for dockers

  • Elasticache – use of Redis cache for Database and Oauth tokens

  • Lambda – to Automate the Deployment or Serverless

  • Load Balancer – Use of Application and Network Load balancer when required

  • Simple Storage Service (S3) Bucket for storage of artifacts and logs with encryption

  • CloudFormation or Terraform for Spring Infrastructure on different region

  • Application Monitoring using Elastic Search and APM

  • Log Management using Scripts and Elastic Search

  • Security – regular check of CVE, Inspector, Cloud Trail and Config, Apply Security Group and Bastion Host and NACL to lock down the incoming and outgoing requests and PCI Check List

  • OS – Choose of CIS Hardening operating system or use the custom CIS scripts to harden the OS and Application Server

  • High Availability Testing considering all the components in the infrastructure

  • Health check per application and alerts using CloudWatch

  • VPN Gateway and two factor authentications using MPA for Console and Ec2 Logins

  • Database high availability and Backup and restore

  • Full disk encryptions and secure logs for sensitive data

  • File integrity checks of OS and backups

  • Vulnerability Scan and Patch Management

  • Blue / Green Environment and Hybrid Environment

  • VPC Tunneling

  • Auto scale across all the components including HA HSM

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