Medical and Healthcare Information access is now being enabled in real-time using latest technologies. By delivering content to smartphones and Tablets, information is more easily accessible when and where required to both consumers and to Health Care officials, Administrators.

Our team has experience in consulting customers in this business by architecting, developing solutions for Smart Phones and Tablets.

Some solutions that Girmiti Software has developed for its customers are:

  • Provided rich, efficient and easy to use web applications which enable patients to view information pertaining to them as and when required.

  • Provided Smart Interaction applications for Touch Panel devices acting as kiosks and POP– information on services, ailments, scheduling and token management.

  • Provided Smartphone Wallet applications that allow the patient and their family to check availability of consultants, schedule appointments, track the status of any requested but unconfirmed appointments and reschedule appointments. All these through convenient Smart Phone-based applications.

  • NFC and Smart Phone applications that allow the user to get more information through the use of NFC tags and QR Codes.

  • Smart Phone applications that allows one to view and download medical history, clinical charts of the patient so that they are available for reference when required.

  • Smart Phone applications that can help a patient and their family to view the various services offered by Hospitals and Clinics and enable them to make a decision that suits the situation the best.

  • Provide HTML based rich applications for the consultants and the surgeons to view the medical history of the Out-Patient and OT with analytics to help them to arrive at the diagnosis and take quick decisions.

  • Enabled medical alerts to be sent to patients and others to ensure that timely action can be taken.

Our team has built closed-loop issuance systems for hospitals to issue digital wallet that provides updates on medical records, utilize for easy payments, earn benefits and receive instant notifications from doctor’s/hospital administration on prescriptions and the process to follow for their wellbeing.

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