Banking & Financials

Global financial services firms are working aggressively aiming to perform at higher levels, drive new growth opportunities by implementing innovative solutions, constantly redefining IT requirements to become more innovative, adaptive, scalable & flexible to meet customer needs and at the same time being user-friendly with various options.

Girmiti Software helps financial services firms develop business software solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, and virtualization. When customers work with us, they benefit from our deep domain knowledge in consultancy, conceptualization, architecting, designing, implementation, automation experience across regions, domain, consultancy, technology expertise, automate, security, compliance with regulations and enhanced product functional features. All this is bundled in one out-of-the-box suite of solutions and professional services to support business processes & operations of our partners and customers.

Segments We Serve

There are generalists and there are specialists. It will be easier for our partners to choose us as a bundled solution provider with specialties in domain and technology. With Girmiti, you gain access to an expanded team of consultancy, new generation technology, innovation, domain and functional experts who are specialized in Digital Payments, Mobile Wallets, Wearables and Cards.

Mobile, Cards & Payments

Our solutions help monitor and reduce risk so that firms can focus on targeting, acquiring and retaining their customers. Our solutions also help in enabling the existing systems to next-generation technology solutions through enhancing, maintaining, managing, supporting and integrating the solutions.

Our Customers and Partner Businesses include:

  • Digital Issuers & Prepaid providers

  • Acquirers

  • Gift and Loyalty service providers

  • Payment Solution providers

  • Processors & Associations

  • Terminal & Mobile Manufactures

  • Telecom Service providers

  • Transit Operators

  • Petro Companies

  • Retailers

  • Sports & Event Management companies

  • Healthcare providers

Apart from the above, our domain team carries expertise and experience in architecture, design, development, integration, automation, testing and implementation of new generation payment systems for our customers and partners in the following areas:

  • Digital Issuance using HCE, SE & SP TSM with integration with VTS and MDES.

  • Digital wallets support NFC, Wearables, BLE, QR, Barcode, Biometric Mobile Solutions.

  • mPOS & EMV for Issuance and Acquiring

  • E-commerce, M-commerce

  • TMS & RKI

  • Mobile Remittance, Mobile Banking & Mobile Payments

  • Payment Interfaces

  • Certifications

  • Big Data, Cloud, IoT

Some specific solutions provided by our domain and technology team to our customers are in the areas of Acquirer, Processors, Issuer for Retail, Restaurants, Transit, Petro, and Sports. Other segments include:

  • EMV Payment Gateway

  • EMV Kernel for POS, mPOS

  • Risk and Fraud, Dispute, Chargeback

  • Payment connectors to Banks, Processors, and Networks

  • Clearance and Settlements, Transfers

  • Closed-loop payment

  • Fee Engine, Reconciliation and commission

  • Merchant Boarding

  • Interface with ERP for Retail, Healthcare, Logistics

Payment connector expertise

Girmiti team has worked on ISO 8583, ISO 20022, 7816, ISO 14443, APACS 70, EPAS, NDC, D912, Nexo protocols and proprietary message packets. Our team consists of experts in building interfaces for processors, switches, acquirers, third party payment networks, banks and card associations across different regions for our customers and their partners. Most of our implementations have taken place in the USA, Canada, Europe, EMEA and APAC.

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