Cards continue to be a primary mode of making retail payments and Girmiti Software has vast experience in devising architecture, designing, developing and supporting Card Issuance platforms, ranging from Physical card Payments to Digital Payments.

We help our customers in developing, deploying, automating and implementing the core platform for their partners along with customization and integration to third parties to help certify with payment networks and closed loop. The new trend of enhancing the existing issuance platform in the mode of SE TSM and Host Card Emulation brings us to the top of our services. Several global implementations have been taken care of and integrations are going on and in PNOs certifications. This gives us exposure to world of knowledge in new generation solutions, integrating these solutions and enhancing the core platform of our customers to bring the flexibility and make it comfortable for our customer, their partners and end customers to utilize all the solutions and fulfil those professional services.

We bring the expertise where our customers should focus strongly on acquiring more partners and end customers while we keep delighting, addressing our customer business problems and help in implementing those solutions, to utilize and see our customers on top of the market in their respective regions.


We help our customers in using Cloud environment where their users, agents, distributors and partners will allow the customers to digitize the card remotely over the air and transact using the Secure Element, Host Card Emulation and QR Payment technologies using the new trends from handheld devices to wearable devices. We enable IoT solutions for our customers and their partners.

The end customers can leverage and benefit from Cloud HCE for SE & SP TSM technology by accessing their credit, debit, prepaid, gift card, transit card information issued by multiple banks or third party companies from the digital wallet on their phones. Our team expertise covers understanding and implementing the following key features of a Digital Issuance System-

  • Multi Institution, Multi Currency, Multi Language, Currency conversion

  • BIN/IIN Management and routing, Card Schema Management – MasterCard, VISA

  • Interfaces with Payment Schemes, Processors and other participating entities

  • Card Type Management – Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Commercial

  • Card Program Management which drives the transactions, thresholds and velocity that are supported across the linked cards

  • Fees Program Management – to define various fees that are levied on the cards

  • Customer Profiling and Account Management, Card Holder Statements

  • Card Embossing and Inventory Management

  • Online ONUS/OFFUS Authorization Transaction Processing Fraud and Risk Management, Chargeback Management, Settlement and Reconciliation,

  • HSM integration for PIN generation and PIN verification, Soft HSM, Interface with Cloud HSM.

  • Cloud implementations and integration with third party, PNO tokenization systems

  • HCE, Tokenization, SP & SE TSM

  • Interfaces with payment networks

  • Certifications for HCE and SE for MDES, VTS

  • Certification for devices to support PayWave, Paypass, ExpressPay, DPAS.

  • PA-DSS and PCI compliance

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Issuance Platforms certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments.

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