Digitization is happening across all solutions along the verticals including the transit industry where it is important to enabling Transit providers, Agencies, Operators, Partners, Customers with software solutions for fast and efficient on the go solutions. Girmiti provides software services and solutions for transit to improve efficiency, creating better experiences for customers aiming at increasing profit of integrated transport infrastructure to help end-user to leverage the facilities.

Digitization is being driven by the operators and consumers which leads to new solutions in both transit issuance and also validators for processing or validating issued tickets. Girmiti Software has vast experience in devising, architecture, designing, developing and supporting transit solution platforms. The solutions are been built in countries and state wise for various global fortunes customers such as mobile manufacturers, SE companies, transit firms, digital issuance, chip manufactures & terminal manufacture, etc.

We help our customers in building the core platform, deploy and implement for their partners along with customization and integration to third parties to help in certify with payment networks. The solution is enabled by providing Handheld Terminal or Mobile terminal which enables operators to issue paper-based tickets by accepting payments using cash, payment card, contactless, wearable and prepaid cards. It allows accepting the passes as per transit operator requirements.

Girmiti brings the knowledge & experience in issuance solution by enabling instant card and pass issuance to end customers on the go. Digital issuance complements the issuance system to digitize the tickets on to consumer mobile phones in different forms SE, Wearables, HCE, QR, and Barcode.

AFC system provides a backend system for Transit companies, agencies, operators and admins to process the transactions and help to reconcile with different parties within the system. It provides different reconciliation options for platform users.

We bring that expertise in AFCS, ETM, and Desktop applications & Portals, where our customers should focus more on getting and acquiring more partners and end customers while we keep delighting, addressing our customer business problems and help in implementing those solutions, to utilize and foresee our customers to stay on top of the market in their respective regions across globally.

The solution enables consumers to pay and get access at Busses, Metro Stations, Trains, Toll gates, Parking lots, traffic payment.

The end customers can leverage and benefit from Issuance, Digital Issuance, AFC System and Mobile Wallet Technology by accessing their tickets information issued by multiple transit operators from the wallet on their phone along with other payment, prepaid, gift, access and loyalty cards. Our team expertise covers understanding and implementing the following key features for the Transit solution:

  • AFC system allows to define the different types of tickets, Pass, fares, routes, trips, stops, stages and so on

  • Issuance system enables the issuance of cards and manage accounts

  • Digital issuance enables provisioning cards and tickets on to mobile wallet – SE, Wearables, HCE, QR and Barcode

  • HTT and Mobile acceptance device to issue tickets, accept cards and passes

  • TMS system to manage the devices, validators, and gates

  • Managing card programs Prepaid card, Payment cards like Visa and MC, Passes

  • Interfaces with AFC System, Issuance and Digital Issuance platforms, Loyalty program

  • Interfaces with GPRS, ECR, USB & Serial communication

  • Fare Program Management – to define various fares

  • Customer Profiling and Account Management, Statements

  • Fraud and Risk Management, Chargeback Management, Reconciliation

  • Ticket machines, Smartcard readers, Fare-collection, Validation gates

  • Revenue and reconciliation management services

  • Real-time passenger, vehicle information

  • Data can be used for Traffic management, Predictive analytics

  • Tolling, Parking, Operations and Asset management

  • Services include field maintenance, device support, depot repair, and part supply, spares and cash collection

  • Card layout personalization, Card diversification, transit bundle covers ticket information like daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, one ride, one card multiple tickets, etc.

  • Supports in a cloud environment

  • Transit APIs for POS devices, wallet SDK for transit

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