Functional Certification of Wallet involves verifying the transaction behaviour of different cards against defined test cases by PNO. Usually, PNOs will have accredited labs like UL, FIME, where we need to buy the tool, execute all the test cases, which then are submitted to PNO (VISA, MasterCard) as a part of the certification.

We offer certification consultancy services for our clients and get their applications/products certified with varied payment standards available.

PCI certification: This certification of Wallet, Server includes authenticating the security of the Wallet application and environment.

PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS): This standard is developed to enhance the control over the cardholder data and also to minimize the fraudulent acts, which may happen through the card’s exposed data.

PCI PIN Transaction Security Standard (PCI PTS): This Standard is designed to safeguard the consumer’s PIN information from theft. It is also envisioned to implement the security of hardware devices that accept consumer PINs and also store confidential encryption keys of the acquirer.

PCI Point to Point Encryption Standard (P2PE): This standard safeguards encryption of payment card data at the point-of-interaction (POI).

PCI Payment Application Security Standard (PA-DSS): This standard secures payment applications. When an application is executed in a PCI DSS compliant environment, it will help in reducing the prospective breaches of security that may lead to compromise.

As a part of the certification process, it is a must to use PCI accredited labs like SISA, UL and get security assessed as per PCI 3.2, which is the latest.

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