Establishing a presence on the internet, mobile commerce to make available customer products and services is a given to ensure that a business remains competitive and ever growing.


Hence it becomes important that the merchants build eCommerce, mCommerce portals which make their presence felt, are attractive, easy to use, adaptable and provide means for the customers to make payments for the goods, services offered online through various online payment instruments such as Net Banking, Debit, Credit, Loyalty and Prepaid cards.

Merchants have their own resellers, agents, ISO and part of the program, where merchants have formed their own merchant associations to utilize those platforms and leverage for their customers, partners, ISO, agents and others to be part of their group. Here, merchants can share their user details, bring them on board, manage merchants, manage fees, manage commissions, involve with all these entities in settlements, reconciliation, commissions etc. to utilize the portal and manage administration to run merchant association and build scalable platform for our customer and partners to support ecommerce, mCommerce, traditional POS and mPOS types of transaction along with new generation on wallet, NFC, BLE, QR, Barcode and wearable to support all the payment transactions.

Girmiti Software team has in-depth understanding of the business environment, on-field experience in design, developing and supporting various facets of a Retailer Platform. We help our customers in architecture, design, developing the core platform, deploy and implement for their partners along with customization and integration to third parties.

To elaborate further, the merchant has to –

  • Develop a web site portal which efficiently showcases all their products and service with a good mix of graphics along with textual content.

  • Provide summary, reports along with detailed information on the products and services. This will be easier to provide information and enables the customer to make quick decision on what to avail and get the benefits.

  • Provide complete solution for product and service to be purchased online through established means and using online instruments. This would require one to seamlessly integrate the site with a payment gateway for payment processing.

  • Allow customer to register redressals in case of any issue with the services with refund flexibilities to customer

  • Merchant Management - This helps the Administrator to create new merchants in the system & also modify any information of the existing merchants. Admin shall be able to create/configure the merchant users their roles, processor used by the merchant. Resellers, agents, distributors, ISO’s and third parties along with approvals. Merchants can be able to upload agreements between each entity and their commission and fees will be managed for settlement between each entity like resellers, agents and others along with self-accessible reports.

  • Processor Management helps the Administrator to add the new connectors for new processors & also modify any configurations of the existing processor.

  • Portal can support the email, User levels to respective merchants and their partners with defined role, responsibilities with security management.

  • Our team has expertise in these areas to build a configurable system which makes available Audit Logs, Transaction Logs, Settlement Logs, address the requirements for security and compliance.

  • Some of the key features include eCommerce to manage all partners with terms and conditions to support approvals, acceptance, covering the fees for system, reseller, processor, transaction, refund, chargeback, subscription, auth, void fees, manage velocities and reserve limits.

Girmiti offers its experience to customers to architect, design, develop, test these eCommerce sites and Portals, the information of merchant partner to seamlessly integrate them with the payment gateways. We have experience in integrating existing merchant websites also to connect to the Payment Gateways using the merchant integration kits or shopping carts or the Web Checkout kits that are provided by the Payment Gateways.

We have also helped build similar solutions for our customers and partners in areas of Payments, Insurance, Retail, sports, transit, retail, telecom, Health Care and Food Chain.

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