SMS communication is an effective and impersonal way to reach out to anybody without using voice based communication to communicate a message. The acceptance of SMS as an effective means is now proven with all Telecom Service Providers making this an essential service, using similar concepts across industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Payments, Retail, Restaurants, Insurance Sports, Event Management and Marketing.


As a service provider, it becomes imperative that this mode of communication be used effectively to make the most of its reach to partners, consumers and customers using the SMS Gateway.

Our team has experience in building an open service between the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) in the Operator network to Applications. The SMS gateway we have helped built for our customers is a scalable and high performance messaging system that can connect to multiple SMSC and a large number of applications.

Key reasons for availing our services; consulting, architecture, design, development, test and implementation of features; are our experience and expertise in:

  • Developing Platform independent application

  • Using Open interface on HTTPS – exposed as a web service

  • Configure multiple application providers

  • Connect to multiple SMSC and manage multiple Short codes

  • Configuring for multiple application providers

  • Connecting to multiple SMSC and manage multiple Short codes

  • Building configurable extension codes, SMS Keywords to various applications

  • Supporting Bulk SMS, SMS Campaigns and Promotions, Short Code SMS

  • Auto generating or pre-schedule SMS to the recipients on a particular day and time or event which is linked with the originator or the recipient of the SMS

  • Building inbound and outbound SMS reports, charts including for tracking and costing of the SMS campaigns

  • Generating extensive logs to track problems

  • Configuring outbound and inbound limit – Daily, weekly, monthly

  • Supporting APIs for easy plug in of applications

  • Developing to run on multi-threaded HTTPS server

  • Building SMS Gateway in a consistent and uniform manner for a whole range of content

  • Ensuring instant SMS delivery guaranteed to all mobile recipients

  • Knowing how to activate applications by mapping keywords to URLs, allowing for a very straightforward interface/service for applications

  • White labeling of the messages and providing templates for each originator of the SMS and which can easily be customized and setup with minimal effort

Value added services on SMS have become very popular due to Banking, promotions, marketing campaigns and a whole new range of services. This requires operators and service providers to be able to handle large traffic volumes, provision new services rapidly, add new SMSC to cater to load or new regions – all without affecting existing services in a reliable and flexible manner.

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