Retail payments is undergoing changes every day with the consumers and the merchants in the driving seat. The need of the hour is to have Acquiring solution that not only keeps up with new channels of accepting retail payment transactions but also be able to process transactions originating from traditional PoS, mPOS, Online(eCom/mCom) and ATM through Traditional and Digital channels.

Payment Gateways through which the front-end channels transact are being overhauled as well to meet the market challenges.

We have been working with our customers who are in the Acquiring business to smoothly transform or get started with solutions which provide feature-rich, flexible, scalable option to merchants, banks and service providers for effective processing of transactions from multiple channels.

Some key features that we have developed for our partners include-

  • Merchant boarding and management of merchants

  • Card transactions from Online Merchant, SDK, Merchant Kits

  • Card transaction originating from Traditional POS, mPOS and ATM – Magstripe, PIN and EMV

  • Digital Transactions originating directly from the consumers mobile devices, eCom, mCom, wearables, QR and SMS Pay.

  • Transactions originating from third party applications which require payment processing

  • IVR and MOTO transactions

  • Merchant portal, agent’s portal and consumer portal to provide the transaction details and reports

  • Authorization, settlement, chargeback, Fee, commission, dispute, risk and fraud

  • Support for XML, JSON, NEXO, ProtoBuf, and ISO 8583

  • Multiple connectors for processors, aggregators and PNOs.

  • PA DSS and PCI Compliance

We have also been helping our customers to interface the Payment Gateway and certify with processors across the globe.

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners have the Payment Gateway certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments.

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